Through worship,education and care
we develop committed disciples
who proclaim and live the gospel
and thereby work to transform our cultur

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“Care” – a small word, yet, it’s reality is boundless. It is the first step in expressing one’s Christian faith. It is that which binds us together. Care is both in giving and receiving. It exists at many levels and thru our feelings, thoughts and actions. There are many possibilities and opportunities at Asbury First to express and act in “care”.

  • Care to one another – Membership Care.
  • Our campus is our primary place of worship, education, and fellowship. We have a responsibility to care for it today, so that it continues to be an inspiring part of our faith community tomorrow and for tomorrow’s generations – Campus Care.
  • All that we have in tangible and intangible assets and talents revolves around our care for one another and our campus – Stewardship.

Membership Care programs provide a opportunities to cover the breadth of individual needs. Care does not end at “our doorstep”. The threshold of our campus, of our faith community is a doorway into the world we care about and which we care for through our involvement with local Outreach and Global missions. There are many ways to care.

Campus Care is achieved through the ongoing efforts of our staff, the Monday Morning crew, and many others who give of their time and talents to maintain our facilities. A weekly snapshot of some of the needs and care given are available in our Worship Bulletin Insert.

Our Stewardship Committee is responsible for providing the educational foundation and fund raising services for the non-endowment financial resources to carry on the mission and ministries of Asbury First. For more information, or to be a part of this team, contact Mary Walker at 377-6207 or by email.